Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Program

Coastal Development Guidelines for Dubai Coast

Thursday, June 09, 2011 09:05AM

Coastal Zone and Waterways Management Section at the Environment Department at Dubai Municipality had recently issued the Coastal Development Guidelines for Dubai Coast. This manual is intended to be a general guideline and will provide basic background information on all key coastal engineering aspects associated with Dubai Coastal Zone for use by developers, designers and consultants. The focus is principally on the effects and implications of current and planned offshore development schemes (ODS) and coastal structures. Moreover, the CDG are designed to provide basic information on all key aspects of coastal zone and waterways planning and management and associated projects.  Where more detailed information is required for specific projects, the reader is referred to the relevant documentation for additional information.

To obtain your copy of CDG, please head to the Customer Service Information Center at Dubai Municipality main building- Benyas Road.

For more information please call 0097142064541