Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Program

Numerical Models

Numerical Modeling

Numerical modelling is an essential tool for obtaining design parameters for coastal and waterway structures, coastal stabilization schemes, assessment of short and long term impacts of various developments and connected activities, e.g., effluent disposal schemes within the coastal zone and waterways. The CWMS upon assessment of various functional requirements have commissioned several projects in which numerical modelling is a major component.

CWMS has used to continues to use the outputs of project-specific numerical modelling exercises to recommend mitigation measures such as those required to stabilize coastal stretches, improve circulation and flushing capacity , improve navigational safety, control of siltation at a canal outlet, etc. These modelling studies are also used to establish hydraulic parameters for waves, currents and water levels in the design of coastal and marine structures. The gradually expanding CWMS hydrometric, meteorological and water quality database is effectively being utilized to validate such purpose-driven numerical models.

Numerical Monitoring